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Infinite Wealth - Passive Income Strategies: Practical Ways to Make Passive Income (.ePUB)

Author: INDEXER on 16-05-2017, 23:52

Infinite Wealth - Passive Income Strategies: Practical Ways to Make Passive Income

Did you know that wealth and financial prosperity are well within your grasp? Instead of worrying about having enough money, read this short book to learn how you can take control of your income to best serve your wealth. I want to show you the secrets and passive income strategies that rich people live by. You will also learn how to use simple techniques which were not mentioned in any passive income ebooks to take what you have today and multiply it. There is no such thing as a genetic advantage towards being rich, you, as you are, equipped with a readiness to learn, can become rich.

So, How does a Rich person get rich?

Hard work equals success and success equals hard work. This is a mantra we know all too well and yet we still seem to desire the success without putting in the hard yards of hard work. There is a scene in "Rich Dad Poor Dad” that is erasable from my mind in discussion of hard work and success. It's the image of an old woman in India, packing bricks on the side of the road. She is work exceptionally hard. And yet she will remain poor her whole life. Hard work does not inherently result in financial success. This is a book about everything the world didn't tell you about money, and how to reach your goals of a high income with minimum effort.

Let's talk about our favourite success fable, one we've all heard a few times during our childhood…

Once upon a time, Jack's mother realised that they had no money left. She gave her low-wit son, Jack, their last resource: the cow, to sell at the market. At the end of the day, when he came home, he had nothing in his hands but a few ‘magic beans. Jack's mother was so angry that she smacked the beans out of Jack's hand and sent him to bed with no dinner. The next morning, when Jack woke up, he looked out of his bedroom window and what did he see? The tallest bean plant, towering up into the heavens. Jack was so excited that he ran outside and began to climb the beanstalk, up and up and up. His mother screamed at him to get down immediately! but he ignored her. At the top, he looked around and saw a giant with a goose that was laying golden eggs.


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