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» » New Scientist: The Collection - Einsteins Universe (.PDF)

New Scientist: The Collection - Einsteins Universe (.PDF)

Author: INDEXER on 11-04-2017, 14:04

New Scientist: The Collection - Einstein's Universe
English | 132 pages | True PDF | 21.3 mb

The cosmos re-imagined
6 Averyspecial theory Einstein’s first big breakthrough
8 General relativity:Aprimer Aneven bigger breakthrough
14 Howtothinkaboutspace-time Theconcept inanutshell
16 Relatively successful Thetheory’sfirst100years
26 Therelativitydeniers Teething troubles
30 The universe expects Where next?

The relativistic universe
32 Thereat thebirth Discovery of the big bang
34 Cosmic history Mapping the earlyuniverse
36 Darkstuff Matter, butnotasweknowit
40 Ghostsamongus The world we can’t touch
44 Chasingshadows Hot on the trail of dark energy

Holes in space-time
48 The hole story Into the heart of darkness
49 Monstermix Mystery of the giant black holes
52 Return ticket to Andromeda Can wormholes exist

Ripples in the fabric
56 Einstein’s silence Shhh... we’re looking for gravitionalwaves
63 Catching a wave How we reported the "gotcha!”moment
65 All you wanted to know An expert answers readers’ questions
68 LIGOstrikes again These cond detection
70 Wherenext? Setting sights onthe future
71 Wavehello LIGO: the inside story

Was Einstein wrong?
76 Relativity’snext tests It hasn’t failed yet, butnever saynever
78 Beyondspace-time Seeking a deeper layer of reality
82 Warninglight More trouble for space-time
86 Differentlyequal The elephant in the room
90 Smashandgrab Looming problems for gravity
94 Pulling power A lighter sort of dark energy
98 Out of the shadows Banishing dark matter
101 Whenworldscollide Extra-dimensional intruders
104 Upwardly mobile Does antigravity exist?

Beyond relativity
108 These arch for quantum gravity Can we finish what Einstein started?
109 Spaceagainst time Only one canbe fundamental
112 The endof space-time Unweaving Einstein’s rainbow
116 Silence is olden The new sound of the big bang
120 Quantum bounce Answers inside an exploding black hole
124 Entangled universe The final answer to everything?



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